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my sisters Ipod, a 2GB, 2nd Generation Ipod Nano is no longer working. She bought an Ipod charger from a kiosk in a local mall, plugged it in, and the back area behind the screen got very hot (to the point of being to hot too touch). She unplugged it, and found that the Ipod still worked. When she went to plug it in to her computer (G4 Ibook), about an hour later, it ceased to function. Resetting the Ipod did not work, Itunes will not recognize the Ipod at all. When you push any buttons, the screen continuously flickeres while the buttons are pushed. That is the only motion the Ipod displays. Furthermore, the hard drive can be heard spinning (almost like hitting against something) when resetting is attempting.

What is your guys diagnosis? The Ipod is about 1.5 years old right now.

Thanks in advance.


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    nevenmrgannevenmrgan Posts: 240member
    If this is really a 2nd generation iPod Nano, then I'm afraid it's bad news all around.

    Nanos don't get particularly hot. They have no moving parts so heat shouldn't really be generated. Regular iPods get hot sometimes from the motion of the hard drive.

    If you're not seeing the iPod menu or one of the standard error icons, you have a pretty serious problem on your hands. If resetting doesn't work, it's most likely the sort of problem that they wouldn't really bother fixing at the Apple Store; if you were still under warranty, they'd just hand you a new one.

    If you can hear any sounds or feel any motion inside the iPod, it's probably broken in a very mechanical way. You said you could hear the hard drive spinning - again, there is no hard drive or other moving parts inside a Nano, so any sound spells trouble.

    Sorry for the bad news. You might try taking it to an Apple Store, but the repair is sure to cost more than a new iPod.
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