Best way to use iPod in a car?

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I have a 06 Subaru Forester and purchased a iPod a few months ago. Now I have most of my collection on mp3 format so it's hard to go in my car and only have CD's to listen to. I know the 07 Foresters were supposed to have a iPod feature. I think it was something as simply as a plug that you can connect the headphone output to your stereo but unfortunately my car doesn't have anything like this.

What is the best route to go for this? I see a lot of fm transmitters that you plug in so that you can just put your radio to the fm frequency to listen. Is this the best way to do it? There are so many products out there that do this so do any in particular stand out? It seems some even have a feature where you can just put it into a dock which plugs into a car charger.


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    There are dozens of companies that make an iPod adapter that plugs into the cigarette lighter. You set your FM radio to an used frequency, you pick that same frequency on the adaptor and it automagically works.
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    I've used three FM transmitters, all well rated at the time I bought them. They were almost unusable - in any urban area, there was so much interference and hiss, I may have as well been listening to an old cassette tape.

    If you don't want to invest in a proper iPod hookup (which can get pricey), consider having an AUX input installed or purchase a new head unit for your car that has one. The stock unit on my car was nothing special, and I got a better one for $100 (installed) from Best Buy. I can hook up any iPod or any other music player and it works great. It doesn't charge the iPod, true, but you can buy a car charger for iPod for about $10 in any outlet store nowadays.
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