For those who use NUM for OS X...

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...what are your experiences to this point?

Same as always - cause more problems than it fixes? Do you need Classic installed to install / run the suite, or can you run all of the utlities (including Speed Disk) natively from OS X?

Anyone noticed any performance gains from optimizing their disk, etc?


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    Upon installed the latest beta, I get kernel panics that trace back to the kernel extensions NUM installs. Took me a while to figure it out, because I have energy saver turn off my LCD instead of using a screensaver, and whenever I'd come back to my box, it wouldn't wake up. I eventually turned that off one night, and low and behold, NUM ws causing kernel panics. I've no idea why, but uninstalling it fixed the problem.

    NUM was a godsend in OS 9, and FileSaver recovered some crashed disks a few times and saved me the trouble and $$$ of having to send the disk to drivesavers. I just wish it ran alright in X... maybe when it goes final.
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    moogsmoogs Posts: 4,296member
    It has gone final...been available for a few weeks now AFAIK. Also, I'm hoping NUMOSX is *better* than NUM Classic because every time I ever ran that POS under OS 8 or OS 9, it actually caused all sorts of startup crashes, incompatibilities and other havoc. The only useful aspect of the program was Speed Disk IMO.
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