NTFS help needed please please

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Hi ya,

I've just moved countries and I'm waiting for my pc to arrive. I was travelling with a laptop and the hard drive died and my external hard drive was also attached at the time. I had just finished a back up to the external when it happened and I am hoping it hasn't taken that with it (not sure if that can happen). I decided to take the plunge and I now have my first macbook and managed to get the new updated shipped. Now here's my problem. I don't have a laptop and all my data is on an external drive that is ntfs (if I remember correctly). I was hoping to pull the info off as read only but when I plug it in I get the following message:

the disk you inserted was not readable by this computer

Does anyone have any suggestions on a way forward. I do hope to god that it hasn't failed me and it is to do with the file system. I have done a few searches and I thought I should be able to see it.

Your help would be much appreciated.




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