Is it possible to move mail between Mail and Entourage?

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I just bought a iMac and am not sure if I should use Microsoft's Entourage or Apple's Mail App? I'm a recent switcher from PC's so am using to Outlook and I know Entourage is different. I like using features such as signatures and am not sure if Apple's Mail app will do everything I need since I use the computer for Office.

From what I've heard there is a plugin that allows you to switch contacts between Entourage and Address Book and a program that lets you switch your tasks and calendar from Entourage to iCal and of course vice versa. Is that true?

I'm not sure from what I've read if that is true for Mail. Is it? I have a lot of emails I save and would rather start with the right program from the beginning instead of changing a month down the line and most of all I'd like to know even if I try one I have the ability to switch my data over if I decide to change programs.


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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,472moderator
    Most of the people I work with use Entourage. I use Mail personally but I'd say Entourage was the better out of the two if you need a serious email program. It's only PPC though.

    I think you can run Outlook in Crossover so you wouldn't have to switch programs at all.

    The best bet would be to try them out for yourself to see what you are comfortable with but it seems to me that Mail is to Entourage what imovie is to Final Cut Pro. Another dumbed down, less functional iApp.
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    satchsatch Posts: 19member
    I use Entourage and while it is great for may things, I love the integration of all the Apple apps. If you are not in a a serious "office" environemt and just run a small home business, etc., I think APpple mMail willhandle your needs fine and be easier to get acquanited with the Mac, since you are a "switcher".

    I use signatures in Apple mail and Entourage including logos and I find Apple Mail can do most evrything that Enoturage can. Make sure and check the Preferecnces in ti to see all the features 9Like to turn on the BCC section which is off as default)

    I see no reason not to use Apple Mail really. In fact, I'm swithcing soon cause Entourage corrupts emails on occasion and gets Stiuck on them andf I have to rebuild database and it is bever the same.

    I've been on MAcs since 1985 so I'm pretty experienced.

    Good luck and welcome!

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