Top Five Apple Flops Video...

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5. Apple III

4. Newton

3. John Sculley

2. G4 Cube

1. The Biggest Flop: Puck Mouse

Check the video...

Do you think apple tv will be featured in future lists..!?\


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    spindriftspindrift Posts: 674member
    Cheesy American presenters really get on my nerves.
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    ooza227ooza227 Posts: 11member

    Cheesy American presenters really get on my nerves.

    yea get what you mean... lol
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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 15,318moderator
    It's even worse than the Mighty Mouse but that should totally be on the list too. The G4 cube shouldn't be that high because conceptually, it is what most people want and that makes it look like it's a bad idea. It's a great idea implemented wrongly.
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    leonardleonard Posts: 528member
    4. Newton

    2. G4 Cube

    I don't know if you'd classify these two as flops. Everybody wanted a Newton after the Newton was cut from Apple's line-up. Same thing with the G4 Cube.

    Actually, if you bring the G4 Cube back, at a good price range, it would sell because that's what people want. A Macintosh, with no monitor and an upgradeable graphics card (it would be a PCIe graphics card now).
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    slewisslewis Posts: 2,081member
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    SpamSandwichSpamSandwich Posts: 33,407member
    Originally Posted by SpinDrift View Post

    Cheesy American presenters really get on my nerves.

    You should see a presentation by the French Apple guy... mmm... French Apple pie...

    But to be truthful, the Mighty Mouse is really bad... and the puck was worse.
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