Apple to release Safari browser for Windows



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    aegisdesignaegisdesign Posts: 2,914member
    Originally Posted by Shintocam View Post

    Well I installed it and it is (wait for it) SLOWER for me. By the way "wait for it" seems to be an appropriate tag-line for the new Safari 3.0.

    However, to be fair it does do one thing much faster than Safari 2 - It locks up good and fast.....Argh.

    It's a LOT faster for me on an iMac G5. In particular,'s javascript menus are now pretty nippy and a few of the sites I've written that use scriptaculous/prototype AJAX on are blazing fast.

    It seems to cache the javascript quite a bit better.
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    petermacpetermac Posts: 115member
    Originally Posted by mbaynham View Post

    nope. totally gone. the uninstaller doesnt even launch, and theres no sign of safari in the finder. i spotlighted it, nothing

    Remount the Safari3Beta.dmg that you would have downloaded and run the uninstall.pkg. I've done it, & it works fine. My earlier posts today were done with Safari 3 beta, this is being done on safari 2

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    I just downloaded the beta for OSX, and damn it's fast. It's noticeably faster than Camino 1.5, and I didn't think that was possible. Too bad the Java supports is still shitty!
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    Ok, here is the reasons for Safari on Windows:

    1) More people who use it, means more attention to it. That can only help the Web Standards group (instead of the dreaded IE only crap).

    2) iPhone, as many have said before.

    3) History 101: iTunes. Remember how many of you said the same thing about that? Now look where we are.

    4) Apple (al. la Steve) is playing a very big game of Chess with all of the major computer players out there. Safari on its own does not pose a threat to anyone. Safari + iTunes + iChat (possibly) + iPod + iPhone... That is a very large equation that cannot be ignored.
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    jimdreamworxjimdreamworx Posts: 1,088member
    Originally Posted by scottkrk View Post

    ...Apple can say to Google and others "we can provide a standards based cross platform browser for your Web apps". I know there is Firefox and others but Apple will have the resources and motivation to resource this commitment in a timely manner...

    This dawned on me in a different way. Considering how much in bed Apple and Google are becoming, Safari would be the safest and easiest (for regular consumers) way of creating a standard web application that will work with everything Google creates without having to worry about which browser you have. Mac, Windows and mobile surfing on iPhone. Create once and no need to test on multiple browsers.

    A time is soon coming where Apple and Google will together challenge the Microsoft hegemony in the future. Maybe not for the corporate desktop OS or Exchange (right away), but anything else is up for grabs.

    Truly, Microsoft has the potential to utilize its resources to blow away Apple and Google, but there seems to be a genuine systemic rot in that company.
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    kukukuku Posts: 254member
    Originally Posted by Idle View Post

    Apparently my computer "does not meet the requirements" for the beta

    According to the system requirements, a G4 iBook running 10.4.9 should work. Strange.

    Most likely you've installed some plugin, or even more likely, moved safari out of the applications folder.

    It seems the installer will only update the 10.4.9 safari in a specific place. and Of course will uninstall the same.

    It's pretty snazzy, and it passes the acid2-test. So fast+standard is pretty good. Haven't had a problem rendering that I've seen yet in the short time.

    Speed on mac pro is definitely beating the competition.

    Some neat features. Search is nice, but if you're a forum/blog regular, the resizing of the message window = A++.

    I like Firefox better as it has way more extensions, but this is just as good. Since I visit forums a good amount. Now if only pith-helmet gets updated, I'm set.

    So I guess with the delay of 10.5, they had time to polish a lot of things. Bitter sweet thing
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    kukitokukito Posts: 113member
    I just installed it on my Vista PC. The font rendering sucks. Not quite as bad as Linux but nothing compared to Windows. I changed the font smoothing to "light" and it looks better but not much. I doubt many PC users will be switching to Safari anytime soon but it will be great for Windows web developers to test Mac compatibility. It is very fast though.
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    jasenj1jasenj1 Posts: 922member
    Originally Posted by billg View Post
    1. You have to drag the size box at the bottom right of the Safari window to resize it. This is not the usual convention on Windows, which allows you to drag the left, right, or bottom edge to resize. Windows users who are unfamiliar with the Macintosh convention will probably find this confusing.

    I noticed this right away, too. (I really like the way Windows does window resizing better than the Mac). iTunes on Windows, however, does the resizing properly; so I'm guessing it's a bug - and reported it through the Safari bug reporter.

    - Jasen.
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    tbagginstbaggins Posts: 2,306member
    Originally Posted by JimDreamworx View Post

    Truly, Microsoft has the potential to utilize its resources to blow away Apple and Google, but there seems to be a genuine systemic rot in that company.

    Don't really see how MS could 'blow away' Apple and Google. It's not like they're not already trying hard.

    They spent several years and many billions, and Vista was the best they could come up with. And they could (and may) plunk down an insane wadd of cash and buy Yahoo... but even that wouldn't come anywhere near crushing Google.

    I think MS is doing about the best it can, given the fact that they are MS. If you want a more visionary and competitive company, you'd have to change their corporate DNA... in other words, they'd wouldn't be MS anymore.

    Of course, firing or demoting Ballmer might be a good first step... never happen, though.

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    I'm having the most bizarre problem and I've searched everywhere and found no solution.

    This isn't my screenshot, but I'm having the same problem in XP:

    Anyone know how to remedy this? It looks to be a font issue. Thanks!
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    brbr Posts: 8,395member
    Anyone figure out how to get mouse gestures into the windows version yet?
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    kishankishan Posts: 732member
    Can any .Mac users out there say whether or not the windows version of Safari allows you to sync bookmarks? This would be a useful feature, don't you think?
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    melgrossmelgross Posts: 33,285member
    Has anyone here noticed that, surprisingly, the new browser still uses brushed metal?

    I think that's odd, as they seemed to have moved away from that. But I seem to be the only one who likes it, so maybe mine came that way—just for me.
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    anantksundaramanantksundaram Posts: 20,337member
    Originally Posted by melgross View Post

    Has anyone here noticed that, surprisingly, the new browser still uses brushed metal?

    I think that's odd, as they seemed to have moved away from that. But I seem to be the only one who likes it, so maybe mine came that way?just for me.

    Actually, I like the brushed metal too. A lot. I was a tad ticked-off that they want to get rid of it....

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    backtomacbacktomac Posts: 4,579member
    I've been looking at the responses over at Ars and it's not gotten an enthusiastic reception.

    One criticism, valid IMO, is that it doesn't conform to the windows UI. Having seen the keynote I'd have to agree. It was weird seeing Safari in Win xp. It looked like Parallels in reverse with the mac app virtualized in the windows os.

    While it may be necessary to have ported this to windows, I don't see it grabbing a lot of market-share.
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    dentondenton Posts: 725member
    So sweet to have Safari running in XP! It seems very sluggish, but I can't decide if this is just because the sites that I'm visiting are already cached in FF. Just for fun, though, I decided to have a look at what Task Manager has to say about Safari: memory usage for Safari, 91,412 K; for FF, 25,604 K. It's even more of a system-hog than iTunes is in XP! Well, it's kinda cool to look at, but I think it's about time to un-install: that was a fun 15 minutes of my life...
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    trevctrevc Posts: 77member
    Under XP, I tried to take a window capture with snagit, it's like it has 3 or 4 seperate windows and had to resort to a screen capture to get the full window.

    Definately not Bills Windows api .... also couldn't resize the window like a 'normal' windows (grabbing any size and shrinking/expanding. That's ONE feature I wish OSX had, but looks like Apple is taking it away from Windows as well ! ;-)
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    Some off-the-bat reasons why I probably won't be able to switch (regardless of a supposed speed bump)

    * No favicons in the bookmarks toolbar (I had such a cool favicon only toolbar, now I would have to describe each bookmark and read the tags)

    * No Ctrl-Enter for insertion

    * Interferes with my hiding taskbar (doesn't pop up when I mouse over bottom edge of screen when using Safari)

    * Hovering over browser buttons doesn't provide any info (annoying but I will figure out the cryptic icons)

    * No quick "X" for closing several tabs (although FF removed this with 2.0, I installed it as an extension)

    * Keeps resizing the window on me (upon returning after switching apps) [side note: a feature in general that I am shocked is not availabe on a Mac (I am even more shocked that no one talks about it) is that you can't toggle a window to full size easily like in Windows

    I have to say that although I usually find Apple products to be really well thought out and in most cases light years ahead of Microsoft in innovation, they seem to always miss a couple of crucial things that scare me away. Safari for Windows has plenty of annoyances and therefore [unless updated] is not for me.
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    gregalexandergregalexander Posts: 1,399member
    So Safari for Windows uses OSX styles, including fonts, window zoom/minimise, & position of application names. But iTunes does not (on OSX, iTunes is Carbon right?)

    Between Safari & iTunes/Quicktime, are Apple's CoreVideo/CoreAudio/Webkit now indirectly on Windows?
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    red_kolared_kola Posts: 24member
    It runs great and looks great on my Mac but until the PC version gives me the option to TURN OFF FONT SMOOTHING then I cannot use it.
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