Is the ultraportable still on the horizon?

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Hi i would like to know if there were still plans for the MBP ultraportable or have they been shelved now? I am about to buy a Sony SZ in July or possibly even sooner and i would like to know if anybody had any info about this Apple ultraportable.

Some people believe that there is going to be one but some people do not believe this anymore.

Are we going to see an ultraportable are there any real plans in the pipeline is Apple even working on this?

Any info would be appreciated.



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    Nobody knows anything, nobody did know anything, and (in all likelihood) nobody will know anything. Heck we don't even know when the iMacs are going to be refreshed. Apple likes to be secretive.

    Is there an subnotebook coming? I hope so, but nobody can tell you one way or the other.

    As always buy the computer when you need the computer, it's as simple as that?you'll go mad waiting for Apple to release stuff (just ask the tablet folks .
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