regarding photoshop 7.0 upgrade

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i was wondering if i can just purchase "photoshop 7.0 upgrade" to upgrade my photoshop 5.0, or do i need photoshop 6.0 in order to use "photoshop 7.0 upgrade." i looked for it at adobe site and i couldn't find this information. thank you for any information, and have a great day!


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    leonisleonis Posts: 3,427member
    Any previous versions of PS are qualifed for the upgrade

    Now this version 7 upgrade gives you an option to just punch in the s/n of the older version and you don't have to install any previous version on HD
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    protodadaprotodada Posts: 125member
    thank you very much for your information... time for me to upgrade to 7.0.. i can't wait.. have a great day! ;-)
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