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I've completed the Return to Castle Wolfenstein single player levels and want to play multiplayer. I boot multiplayer, enter source:internet, type: all, and the rest of the settings. The game then just perpetually flashes "waiting for response from master server." I assume that there are Mac RtCW servers out there. Can anyone help? Is is possible that my firewall app (Brickhouse) is blocking the proper port? Starfleet X are you out there?

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    dstranathandstranathan Posts: 1,717member

    Check port 29760 on your router/gateway/firewall. This is the port for RTCW (and Quake 3).

    ...just a thought.
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    Thanks. I turned off Brickhouse and suddenly I found 71 servers for RtCW. I'll try the port you identified. For future reference, how do I know which port an online game needs without it telling me?
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    Also, how do I know TCP or UDP?
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    Okay - I tried both UDP and TCP for that port but RtCW still isn't getting through to the master server. Any other ideas (other than leaving the firewall turned off)?
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    Okay here's the Brickhouse Firewall log when I tried RtCw with the UDP Port open:

    Darn it! How do I paste a picture here? I used Grab to create a .tiff but can't figure how to insert it into my message!

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    mac's girlmac's girl Posts: 556member
    i know this is a little off topic...but anyone remember how to show the fps for RTCW? im having a senior moment and cant remember.

    p.s. we may not be seeing gobble gobble for a while, since that rtcw multiplayer is so damn addictive!!!
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    Try running "tcpdump -i en0" (as root) while running the application in the state where it´s searching for servers or when the game is running. This should work, otherwise replace "en0" with the name of your network device... (You might have to install the dev-tools to be able to do this.). This dumps all the traffic on your network that your computer recives with portnumbers and all. This could sometimes be a large amount of data. Try to minimise it by quiting mail programs, ICQ, file server connections (NFS, AppleTalk etc), and other frequent network-using applications.

    Have fun!!
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