MBP 2.4 -installing 4GB RAM

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I have just installed 4GB of RAM in my fully new santarosa-computer, and "About This Mac" says I have sucessfully 4GB installed. In my work, I use Photoshop CS3, which says I can only access 3072MB RAM. (Preferences->Performance) Why is that? Is it not possible for Photoshop to access all the 4GB memory?

Hope for a logic explanation


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    gsxrboygsxrboy Posts: 565member
    I think it is and Adobe limitation and not the machine itself, from memory. Mostly caused by a parity issue with the PC version that couldn't as well. Perhaps a 64 bit* (rewrite) version will make them 'refresh' the ability and allowing it to address more.

    *64 bit itself does not guarantee it, just less slack Adobe programmers.
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    Ok, thanks for the update. I just have to wait for CS3 to come with a 64bit patch? :-)
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