Lingering iPhone Questions

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There are a few thing that Apple still hasn't announced/shown in regards to iPhone:

1. Will the iPod feature support all dock-connectable iPod accessories including the iPod radio remote and A/V connection gear?

2. What happens to photos you take with the phone? Do they move into iPhoto automatically? Likewise, can you use the iPod camera connector with iPhone to store/transfer photos like on a regular iPod?

3. What happens if you try to download a file or application via a Web link in Safari? Will it do it and if so, where does it go? Can you download PDFs, Word and Excel files and view them since Mail on iPhone supports this?

4. Can you custom engrave the iPhone if you buy from Apple's store online?

5. Will Apple's Web site sense from where a person is ordering and make them wait to order because their time zone hasn't reached 6 p.m. yet?

6. Part of Apple's deal with Cisco was that the two companies' iPhones would be friendly with each other. Where is this and what will it entail?

If you have seen the answers to these questions somewhere, let me know.

If you have lingering questions, please post them and hopefully someone will be able to answer or we'll find out on Friday.


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    brussellbrussell Posts: 9,812member
    I'm in an "AT&T partner" zone on their coverage map. No official AT&T stores. Will I be able to use it? If you buy online, will they check to make sure you can actually even use it, or will you have to buy it, try to activate it, and then return it if it doesn't let you activate it?
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    davegeedavegee Posts: 2,765member
    Does the iPhone have a SIM slot.... IM KIDDING!!!

    Great questions...

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    cdlcdl Posts: 6member
    I'm curious as to whether there are plans to make the iPod games compatible with iPhone. Since there is no click wheel on the iPhone, the games would have to be modified for touch controls (which might make some games easier to play. With some titles, the classic click wheel is not the best type of controller).
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