So, if Universal pulls out of iTunes, what will you do?

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Will you pirate the songs you want that are no longer available?

Will you search for 'alternate means' of purchasing them?

Or will you simply ignore those songs, and um.. not get them at all?

Don't be shy.


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    javacowboyjavacowboy Posts: 864member
    Universal can prevent all piracy of its music with 100% effectiveness by:

    1) Selling people music with DRM that works on no device or software

    2) Halting all sale and distribution of its music

    Come on, UMG, I know you want to
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    ebbyebby Posts: 3,110member
    Not available = not seeking profit = go ahead and download.

    Just because someone takes it off the shelf does not mean the song no longer exists. It is simple: you loose a sale by not offering a music at a reasonable price. In today's digital world, there is absolutely no reason to do this besides greed.

    AAArrrrrrr! <- Double eye patch pirate.

    BTW: I've boycotted Big 5 music since may day 2001. More-so with the Sound Exchange's proposed internet royalty rate hikes.
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    if the people at universal are going to be faggots...

    let them. their downloaded music would die without itunes, and theres no denying that

    so. id download it from limewire illegally just to hurt them

    btw, is that the same universal movie studio company? i dont think so but just wondering
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