JP Morgan's US branch quashes iPhone nano report



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    The retraction certainly makes more sense than the previous day's rumor, but why hasn't this report surfaced anywhere else? It's not showing on Fidelity or ETrade news. Did AI receive this directly from JP Morgan?
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    thetoethetoe Posts: 84member
    "Not all consumers want a combined phone and music player..."

    Exactly. I don't want a stinkin' iPod. I just want a killer pocket computer that can make a phone call once in a while.

    But the way Apple has integrated the technologies in the iPhone, it really doesn't make sense to try to segment them out. I also vote for the current version becoming the cheap version, and a new model staying at the $500-600 pricepoint. Maybe something with GPS and/or a modern data network.

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    Originally Posted by ouragan View Post

    In other words, SELL while you can!

    You can't base a business valuation on "guessing" what are the iPhone sales. Either Apple and Jobs open up or the stock will take a downfall. Senior analysts will do their jobs, period.

    Fanboys of the manic CEO will get all excited, but analysts will keep a cool head.

    well, anyone doing the math and recognizing the growth, as well as the economy of scale that Apple enjoys now would have by now realized that Apple will earn over $4.00 without any phone sales included. while higher earnings will be mostly margin excess - this same excess has been repeated so many times it could be a standard by now. The analysts are sitting on their hands here for lack of information = and they don't get consumer electronics format/product life cycle/momentum growth factors that re predictable with a hand calculator and a history of growth with a realization of what the life cycle will be. Blah blah - the idea that Apple will introduce a product after years of development and not follow up with a family of products in the same format is naive at best. What on earth does market share and product format and saturation mean if one doesn't take advantage of marketing mix potential and build "appropriate" products to serve everyone possible in a given market? Apple will be introducing a less expensive phone that will serve the needs of an even larger market. If they don't understand CE then they can look to Mercedes - do they introduce a flagship car and then sit on their hands and not introduce a family of cars that enjoy the same technologies for lesser markets?

    but there is no rush.. as while others are squirming around trying to come up with a more integrated and better phone, Apple can just wait until they get it together and introduce theirs at the same time. Apple is in control here on format and technology and they don't have to do anything right now. It took apple X months to develop the phone - it will take the others quite a while to come out with theirs. My guess is that others are caught in a format dilemma which does not hold up to the feature demands created by the iphone. Format dilemma will produce some wild product solutions that only geeks can endure. Apple could sit on their format for a year with no additions and it might not matter - but they have no reason to do so. Apple's product format is in place and ready to expand upon within months - not years.

    Leaps.. technology takes leaps that follow product formats and life cycles. the phone is a leap.... Revenues at Apple will do the same thing. These analysts are just sitting in the dark here.

    The only other factor is Christmas now. The fall season, so important to a consumer electronics company, is here and put to bed at Retail already. we have not seen everything they will have for the world yet - but introducing another phone in the middle of the crazed Xmas season would only diminish the existing plan. Look for it early next year at best.

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    I've not gone back to check but I recall Steve saying the reason he was showing the phone so far inadvance had to do with FCC disclosure considerations. If Apple wants to sell a phone they have to submit it for approval and then wait.

    The iPhone was submited to the FCC shortly after the MacWorld keynote and approved sometime in mid-May with just enough time to get them made and flown in for the June delivery. I continue to doubt the delay of Leopard has or had much to do with lack of resouces due to iPhone development. I think it very well may have had a lot to do with intro schedules and the medias inability to follow one story well, let alone giving iPhone and Leopard reasoned reporting if they came out too close together.

    They also get to suck the wind out of everyone elses sails if they can get major media attention for rollouts every 2-3 months. I see no reason Apple won't preview the next phone 4-6 months ahead of intro if the watchers are going to know all about it from a licensing request anyway.

    I expect the next bump to be a doubling or quadrupling of memory to sustain the price, hopefully 8 and 32 gigs in time for holiday sales. An intro at MacWorld of the roadmap showing us how they are progressing toward a 3g phone and more.

    Even after showing us the iPhone Jobs claimed that we where in store for the best year ever for new product so I continue to hope that some great treats are in store as we move towards the tech primetime selling season.
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    louzerlouzer Posts: 1,054member
    Originally Posted by ajhill View Post

    Please, Nigeria is a sewer of immoral people looking to steal every dime from dupes in this country.

    What are you talking about? Nigeria is controlled by immoral people trying to steal money from its own people. Its the majority of people, including the Secretary of the Treasury, who, with my help, is keeping these corrupt leaders from taking that money. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a meeting with the Secretary about helping them out.
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    mgkwhomgkwho Posts: 167member
    Analysts are idiots. They B.S. about the same thing rumor sites do, though they do it by making up opinions about existing rumors or patents as a real job.

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    Today I've received a very interesting mail from a source that is very close to Apple. It looks like Apple is preparing to launch a smaller iPhone model within the end of 2007.

    The so-called iPhone shuffle will be available in different colors and comes in a scratch-resistant metal alloy enclosure. The size is called to be slighty smaller than the iPod nano 2G at only 0.4 inch thick. It features NO display, but the well known iPod shuffle controls, a call key and an end key as well, a shuffle-switch, a ring/silent-switch and a sleep/wake-button. It has a headset-jack on the top and a dock connector on the bottom.

    The iPhone shuffle syncs with your iTunes software as you know it from it's bigger brother. The revolutionary new feature is that the iPhone shuffle will call a random entry from your phonebook when you tab the call key. But fasten your seat-belts, it's getting more interesting when you toggle the shuffle-switch: When turned on the iPhone shuffle will call a random phone number on the network. That is a great way to make new friends.

    The price is rumored to be around 300 US$.

    There were two images that came with that eMail:

    (Click image to see a larger version)

    Can't wait to get it. Good job, Apple!
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