Can you use Parallels on a 2nd monitor?

in Mac Software edited January 2014
I use Parallels on my system to run Windows. Someone was telling me that you can set it up so that Parallels runs on a 2nd monitor keeping your main laptop monitor OS X. Is is true I can hook a monitor into the video out and set it up so that Parallels runs Windows on this 2nd monitor?


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    daibachdaibach Posts: 18member
    I assume you've got a Mac Book or Mac Book Pro?

    Yes you can. When you attach an external monitor you can set it up so that the desktop extends onto the second monitor - easily done in System Preferences.

    You can then drag your application windows anywhere on either screen. You'd just need to drag your Parallels window to the second monitor and leave the other OS X application windows on your main screen - or arrange any way you want.
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