iPhone: AT&T deal under scrutiny by government, Verizon



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    Originally Posted by aaarrrgggh View Post

    There is a problem with this argument. As much as I am an Apple Fanboy, need a GSM phone for international use, and don't really mind AT&T, when two companies act together to create a lock-in between products it is collusion.

    fwiw, AT&T does support international roaming for $0.99/minute and $5.99/month fee:


    be comparison, i use my t-mobile GSM phone in europe often. t-mobile charges me the same $0.99/minute as at&t, but no monthly fee.

    overall, i'm not impressed with at&t. i browsed with a friend's iPhone that other day, and Edge is definitely frustratingly slow.

    irksome, as i was intent on getting iPhone 2.0 (MSWF 2008?), but i'm not keen on getting nickel-and-dimed by at&t for lower quality service.
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    I believe this freedom is what gave us an iPhone in the first place. If our government had imposed heavier regulations on carriers or device makers, Apple may not have entered the field at all.[/QUOTE]

    If the government had gotten involved and imposed a few more laws like they do in Europe which has the best service and phones, Apple would have gotten involved way long ago. Why spend millions creating a kicka$$ phone when you know that for at least two years only a quarter to a third of the cell phone using population will be able to use said phone. Not really a brain twister as to why Apple waited so long.

    My only question is why they got involved at all right now, unless Steve has info that things may change soon, and he's only using ATT as a guinea pig to work the kinks out of his new toy.
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    I must be impervious to the problems reported by several posters. I had AT&T before (national FamilyTalk, rollover, mob-to-mob, etc). No data services. I got the iPhone and now have unlimited data for $20 a month. In Wi-Fi zones, data is speedy. In my car, using Edge, it may not have incredible speeds, but it's still tolerable... my gods, I am in my car and downloading web info. In spite of reports to the contrary, the iPhone signal capture crushes my Razr performance. The signal is everywhere stronger than the Razr response. Ringtones were soft (even at full volume) on the Razr, compared to the iPhone.

    The international rates for AT&T, though, truly suck. I have intl roaming and 99 cents/min is too expensive (in London for example). I think the suggestions before about buying a cheap local phone when you are abroad is the way to go. BUT domestically, I have no complaints from the AT&T side.

    So it's been awhile now with the iPhone. Overall, I am so impressed and happy with the Apple cleverness in the user interface. But there are little things that are arising. For example, Google maps is so powerful while driving. However, if you have a location appropriately zoomed, go to a call, and return, you've lost the zoom and at the initial map level. Annoying. And there are times when I think I should have read the instructions. Now is that spoiled or not? I will be most interested in the first software update to see how the microissues are addressed. I guess I expect them to be all fixed.

    Especially, orientation (portrait vs landscape) accessible to all modes of the iPhone.
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    Originally Posted by britwithgoodteeth View Post


    Nope. It would be the dink correcting other folks without having a clue. The other stuff you posted has zero bearing on why you incorrectly corrected him on the use of a word.


    In what's been dubbed the "iPhone hearing" Chairman Ed Markey (D-Mass.) and "Chip" Pickering (R-Miss.) called for a different system - where wholesalers could compete and new applications and devices could be connected regardless of carrier.

    Markey is still a loon with or without bipartisan support and should bugger off.

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