Tiger won't boot!

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OK, I need a lot of help. I just installed boot camp on my MBP, and just today I tried booting back into tiger, and I got the screen with the Apple logo and the spinny wheel, and it stayed there for like 30 seconds and then shut off. I tried about 5 times and the same thing happened. I tried resetting the pram, and that didn't help. I'm at a loss for what to do next as I don't want to reinstall tiger if I can avoid it. XP boots fine. WHAT DO I DO????????????? :'(


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    update: I put in the first install disk and booted with 'c' held down so I could run the disk utility. It said that Macintosh HD wasn't mounted and when I clicked on mount, it woudn't let me. When I clicked verify or repair disk, they both quit because of an error caused by 'the underlying task'. Repair disk permissions and verify disk permissions were grayed out. WTF is going on?
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    kareliakarelia Posts: 525member
    Do you have TechTool Pro or an external drive with DiskWarrior? Try repairing the disk directory. As for the repair permissions, that's normal. You can only repair permissions on a system drive when you are booted from that drive.

    It's not too surprising, although it is rare, that this happened. Any time you use non-destructive partitioning, you should back up first. If all else fails, you'll have to reformat and start over.
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    no, I don't have either of those programs. How exactly do I repair the disk directory? Is that not the same as repairing the disk? Is there a way to force the drive to mount in windows or something? Would I be able to use the AppleCare disk with TechTool Deluxe on it like TechTool Pro? How would I be able to use any of these programs since I can't even get into tiger?

    Should I just call Apple and get help directly from them?
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    Also, if this helps, in XP I have macdrive 6 installed and I can access my mac partition and transfer files and everything just fine.
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    Final update (pretty much whole story as emailed to a friend, edited for content): For a while I keep trying to boot as it will go to the spinny apple and then shut down after like 30 seconds. At this point I start crying thinking I killed my beautiful new system. But then I realized that windows still booted fine. SO, I put in the install disk to run disk utility, and Macintosh HD isn't mounted and won't mount, which also means I can't verify or repair it. I mess with this for a while, reset the pram and try some other stuff, all to no avail. Then I called Apple for support, since that's why I payed for AppleCare. I talked to the guy and after a while and him suggesting for me to reset pram, do the take out battery, unplug, and hold power button thing (reset bios?), and then try to boot in safe mode, none of which works, and at this point he's like: "Crap, that's not good." which caused me to be like !??!?!??!?!??!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!? !?!?. To which he basically said I would need to do a clean install. I went into windows (macdrive is my new best friend) and copied all of my 3rd party apps (I had a lot more than I thought) and pics (music and movies wouldn't fit) to my small windows partition (only 7 GBs). Then I had to erase the Mac partition which was hard since it wouldn't mount and it took like 2 hours to reformat. Now I am back in Tiger resetting up all my junk and downloading software updates again. Almost done with that, but a few apps like MSOffice came up as like Word.macappl and when I changed just to app or left it as it was, no work, so will fix that tomorrow. NOW, I realize why they say to back everything up before a non-destructive partition. That was a huge pain in the @$$. Had to reinstall all my addons for FF and change all my prefs again.I REALLY hate windows and REALLY love osx.
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    That's why, although they make it, Apple doesn't really give tech support on Boot Camp. Installing Windows on the Mac is considered an "at your own risk" procedure.
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