upgrading macbook pro ram

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the price on 4gb ram upgrade on the apple website is outrageous. So i've been looking around for 2x2gb modules and have come up with a few alot cheaper than 750.

But which is best brand. and can MBPs do PC2 5400?

I was looking at Corsair, mushken or Kingston


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    jgbxjgbx Posts: 33member
    I've used Corsair memory with alot of success. I have 6.5gb in my G5, 4 of which is Corsair Dual channel. The rest is Samsung.
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    I have had two of the 2GB samsung chip in my MBP for a while now and love them (http://eshop.macsales.com/shop/memor...ook/Pro/Core2/ ). By love them I mean I haven't had a problem;
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    Does anybody buy their RAM from apple? It seems that it is extremely overpriced. I recently bought a 2.2 MBP and am looking to upgrade to 4GB RAM. I can definently swing the 240$ for the SAMSUNG but their is no way I can afford the Apple product.
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