2.0 vs. 2.16, and Ipod Format

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Definatly interested in purchasing a new macbook, i finally decided to stop holding out on leapord and santa rosa.. i was wondering if the 2.16 processor provides a noticable difference over the 2.0, and if so, is it work $200?...

Also i have a Ipod Video 60GB that i purchased for my current PC, how much of an issue is it to convert it over so it is Mac compatible? I am aware of the free ipod available for students but would still like to use my current Ipod..

any insights are greatly appreciated, Thanks


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    Although I personally don't think the extra .16 is worth that much, some people would (personal preference, bragging rights), I can help with the iPod issue. Your PC formatted iPod will work ok with your mac, but it won't be able to update on it. I would suggest getting a program like senuti to copy all of the music off your iPod into a folder, reformat it as a mac-based iPod by hitting the restore in iTunes when you plug it in. Then make sure all updates are installed and then you can put your music back on.
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