Verdict on latest iPod earbuds?

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Are the newer model earbuds an improvement over the previous versions, at least with regard to sound quality? The general consensus on the previous version seemed to be that they were junk and should be replaced immediately. I haven't been able to find a comparison or solid review of the newer earbuds, though.



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    irelandireland Posts: 17,794member
    Sound quality was fine on the last ones, and these ones. It's better than a lot of people would lead one to believe, but the new buds are far too loose. (my ears aren't that big)

    The new ones have a nicer looking shape, and the right size cord though.
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    alek_2alek_2 Posts: 21member
    Regarding sound quality - they still have a junk rating...

    And YES they should be replaced immidiatelly!

    There's no exuse for crappy sound and general discomfort they are causing after 30 min of use.

    Best upgrade for $ is probably SonyMDRX71 or similar; Ebay -> 25$

    Or cheaper Etimotics for 70-80$ (Ebay again)
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    Thanks, guys, for the wildly disparate opinions. I think I'll be replacing them soon primarily because they don't seem to stay in my ears very well. Those Sony earbuds look promising -- I didn't want to spend more than $30 anyway.
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    vineavinea Posts: 5,585member
    If you listen in noisy environments then get noise cancelling or closed cans...folks tend to set their volume too high in airplanes and other noisy environments...
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    jonnyboyjonnyboy Posts: 525member
    they hurt my ears after more than about 30mins of listening
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    flinch13flinch13 Posts: 228member
    I find that Appleinsider forum members are exceptionally demanding users of Apple products. I, for one, have tried many other sets of headphones, and I guess I'm just not an audiophile... I like Apple's headphones, both the old ones and the new ones. Maybe my ears are just the right size, who knows? I think they sound fine, and really, when you're more worried about getting the best quality possible than actually enjoying the music, what's the point of the whole thing? You'll give yourself an ulcer and you'll never be satisfied.
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