Automatically import existing music into iTunes - Help Please!

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Hello All,

Last week my hard disk crashed on my PC. Luckily, I had my 'iTunes Music' folder backed up. So, a new PC. Onto that PC I have copied over my backed-up 'iTunes Music' folder. This is currently residing in my 'My Music' folder.

I then installed iTunes onto my new machine. I now want to bulk-import my entire existing music collection (ie. all music located in the 'iTunes Music' folder) into itunes. How do I do this?

As far as I can see, the only ways of adding music to itunes are to add file to library or import; however these options only seem to let you add files somewhat individually...? I do not want to browse through my entire music folders (iTunes Music/Artist Folder/Album Folder/Music file) obviously, adding tracks in one by one by artist/album...

Is there a way that itunes can just automatically find/import all the music it finds on my computer..? I have read that it should do this automatically when it is installed - but it did not do this.

Please help!

Thanks in advance,



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    I'm pretty sure that all you have to do is select the highest level folder (iTunes Music) from the Import/Open dialog and ALL music within that folder will be imported. You don't have to select each one. You may lose customized organization of those files, but I'm pretty sure it will all be imported.

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    Just drag the whole folder into iTunes.
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