Possibilities - 25 years?

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There are a number of options in regards to the special keynote at the upcoming macworld expo. Here are my thoughts.

First there is a hope for a new machine, most likely is the upgrade of the iMac. There has not been many changes to the iMac for at least a year. so I will see that there will be some sort of change there - most likely processor, and possibly redesign of the machine.

Second with the introduction of the Apple Store throughout the nation and the introduction of the iPod, we can see the increase to more specialty products that are developed by apple and co-exist in the apple store. - Take for example most any closting store such as the Gap or Old Navy, they sell their own products with their own label. Now I do not expect Apple to get rid of all other companies, but it makes sense to me that if you are going to have a store, you want to get as much of your own products in there.

They had MP3 players and then they introduced the iPod (more on this later). They sell Palm Organizers, Digital Cameras, Scanners, Printers, and other accessories. They have covered MP3 players, stereo speakers, and keyboard/mouse with the apple look. I expect to see a digital camera and a palm type organizor developed. I do not see apple working on a scanner, or a printer as these have now become common place and are low on the design / excitment area.

The iPod has great potential. Here is a machine that is more than a MP3 player. It has its own OS, works like a hard drive and has multiple menu options. The interface works with the Mac OS, and can work efficiently with applications. I imagine that the iPod will expand to more than just music, with its menu wheel, it would be easy to develop a mini organizer system, for phone numbers, dates, reminders, and many other items. In its own ability it would be its own personal organizer - the oposite of handspring that later offered a 3rd party mp3 player, here is a mp3 player that would also be used as a organizer. Could this be that hard? it already has a hidden game pre-programmed into it.

Digital camera - I could see this, but maybe not yet. They have been trying so hard with their online picture option, but I am not sure if it has really taken off. I have not used itools since it was originated, but maybe there are a number of people who do use it. However a Digital camera that would maybe work along side the iPod and iDVD would allow some options. Take pictures, store them like an iPod download them to an application on OS X, and that would be great.

As for new computer - not worth the next big thing hype. Too many times have there been Mac Worlds with the announcement of a new processor and only to have it delayed. I was at the Mac World NY 2000, and that was a good show, the introduction of the Cube, more colors for the iMac, the new PowerBook Titanium, and the introduction of the new mouse. The past two have not been big in comparison to that one, mostly software (OS X) and changes to products. If they were going to announce a speed bump, why would they have done announcements on the iBook and the Powerbook a few weeks ago.

Whatever this will be, I am betting for a combination in the following events to be presented.

announcement on the stores, sales, and more openings. changes in product - iMac, G4. some new commercials, and then when everything is hyped into the program, we will see Steve gleefully want to introduce his new product.

One last note, 2002 will mark the 25th year since the Apple II was introduced, marking the first introduction of a mass produced Apple Computer. It was 1 Mhz - could we now see 1 Ghz?


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