Adium File Transfer Problems

in Mac Software edited January 2014
I have Adium 1.0.6 and each time I try to send my friend a file through Adium it keeps saying that the transfer failed. However, whenever I send photo's it sends perfectly... can anyone help me solve this problem? Thanks in advance...


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    What protocol in Adium are you using (MSN, AIM, etc.)? File transfers don't always work with Adium.
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    I use AIM
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    smaxsmax Posts: 361member
    Adium/gaim/Pidgin has always ben notoiously unreliable for sending files, especially to people that aren't also using Adium/gaim/Pidgin. Check out the Cocoaforge forums... That's where the Adium developers hang out.

    I doubt they will be able to help though. Everything is based off a seperate project and the Adium team doesn't deal with the inner workings of the program. For the people that actually update the libraries and the guts of the program, look for a program called Pidgin. I doubt they will be able to help much either, as people have been complaining about this for several years on multiple platforms using multiple programs based off of what is now called libpurple. I don't think they've found a fix yet.
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    There's some box in the preferences panel that is not checked by default, but needs to be checked. Fiddle around. I seem to remember having a problem like this one, and fixed it through the prefs panel.
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