Can I get a refund for a refurbished iphone?

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I purchased a refurbished 4GB iPhone on August 29th for $399. I know I'm still within the 14 day window and I can likely return it but I prefer to keep it. I'v eheard of people for example getting $200 back on the 8GB iphone but how is it handled with refurbished products? Will it drop it down to $199 for example since the regular 'new' one is $299? I plan to call Thursday but want to know what common policy is before I make the call.


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    Yes you can. I called Apple yesterday requested an RMA for my refurbished 4GB model I bought last week and was emailed the Fedex return label. I then went to my local store and bought a new 8GB at the new price. Don't wait and don't feel bad - business is business and money is money. I love the iPhone but if I can get a better one at the same or better price - then why not.
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    taztaz Posts: 74member
    Where are you guys getting the refurbed units???
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    I thought I was buying a used one, but apparently it is a new 4GB for $299 from (Refurbished products are located at the Applestore on the left side towards the bottom of the page.)Since it is discontinued and to offer I guess the same discount as the 8GB it is reduced as well. I assume you MIGHT be able to get a rebate for the refurbished, I would contact Apple.

    To verify the new price for the 4GB, I called a local Applestore, they said they have new ones for $299 but were sold out.

    I was trying to find better deals on EBay, but people are still buying new 4GB for upwards of $300 to $365!

    Are these people morons or living in a cave in Afghanistan????????????

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    From the Apple Store web site - go to the bottom right-hand corner. There is a box titled Special Deals.
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