DVD not recognized.

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Hmmm.... riddle me this....

I've a DVD+R (4.7) that was burned as a DVD movie on a PC running Vista.

When I put it in my Intel iMac (10.4.10 , DL SuperDrive) it brings up the "You inserted a blank DVD" dialog ... "open in finder" causes it to show up as a blank burn folder (like any blank disc).

If I put it in an HP running XP, it runs the movie just fine.

If I start up parallels on the same iMac, that version of XP sees the DVD just fine... I can view the files on it and all (I just can't play it because I have no DVD movie player installed in the virtual OS.)

Any ideas why this DVD movie won't play on the iMac ???

In fact, I was able to pull the TS files off the disc in Parallels and drag them to OSX ... at which point VLC has no trouble playing them


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    Total shot in the dark... I know that XP had a problem where it wouldn't always properly close out a burn session on a CD-R. Protocol compliant OSs would choke on it, but XP was, of course, coded to expect a busted disc as a workaround, so it appeared to most XP users that all other OSs were busted.

    Nice, eh?
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    Perhaps... it just seemed odd to me that the exact same piece of drive hardware canNOT see it under OSX, but CAN see it under XP/Parallels. In this particular case, it would seem that XP has a bettter driver for this optical drive than OSX does (as much as it pains me to say that )
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    No, I doubt it has anything to do with the driver, since OS X offers to open it in Finder for you. It knows you inserted a DVD, obviously, but it can't find a proper partition burned to it to mount.

    Again, my guess is that the burning process on Vista was broken in the same way that XP was. The lack of closing out the session results in a disc that is neither blank, nor properly burnt. This is the same behavior that was seen with CD-Rs before Apple allowed for MS's bug. (Why fix a bug, if you can force everyone else to do more work instead, right?)
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