Looking for a visio like app

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I am looking for a visio like application for OSX. Any ideas ?

How is Delta graph ? That is the only product I could find under org chart category at macmall. Is there any other product ?



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    I second it. OmniGraffle is a kick ass app, very visio-like and the price is good too, well worth it. The free 'version' also isn't even that crippled, although I'd recommend you support the folks at OmniGroup, they're software is top notch, and they've support X since the beginning (which is kinda a no brainer for them, since I believe they were support NeXT anyway).
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    screedscreed Posts: 1,077member
    Third the nomination. Actually bought it today. There is a limit of 20 items or elements in the unlicensed version.

    I use it often enough that the "nag sheet" finally broke me and I paid for it.

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    kickahakickaha Posts: 8,760member
    Yet another *enthusiastic* thumbs up here.

    I use it to produce system architecture diagrams which invariable lead to questions of what tool I used to produce them. You have no idea how many people are quite upset that they can't get it for Windows... especially when I tell them how much it cost.

    The addition of layers to 2.0, coupled with the auto-layout, makes this a more than worthy opponent to Visio.
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    fawkesfawkes Posts: 80member
    Although not nearly as nice to use as OmniGraffle, <a href="http://www.conceptdraw.com/en/"; target="_blank">ConceptDraw</a> has more features and many, many more palettes (If you need them).

    I bought and use both extensively. I use OmniGraffle whenever I can, but for circuit diagrams, I generally bite the bullet and turn to ConceptDraw. ConceptDraw also has a Visio conversion tool (I've never used it) if you are looking for interroperability.

    I expect that, in time, OmniGraffle will become the only such app I'll need, but for now, ConceptDraw fills in the occasional gaps.
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