lost and found photos: my dissertation project

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I'm working on a dissertation project about lost and found personal photographs. I've spent hours reading this forum prior to buying a new computer. If I hadn't followed this forum, I wouldn't known that a new G4 Powerbook was probably coming out way back when. So now I'm working on a dissertation about lost and found photos. I have a website: www.lostandfoundphotos.org where I'm inviting people to call or email in stories about lost and found photos. I'm also interviewing (over the phone, I use a phone cord from Radio Shack that I plug into my Belkin stereo mic plugged into my iPod) some of the callers and emailers. The loss of digital photos is sometimes overlooked. I started thinking of groups that might be heavy digital photography users. I thought of this forum. So if you've got a story, drop by the website: www.lostandfoundphotos.org and call or email it in. . . If I ended up interviewing someone I could conduct the interview over ichat too.




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    I can't speak to your Web site, but I can say that the idea of all of my modern memories being in the digital domain is a bit disconcerting. There's something to be said about a photo hanging on the wall. As long as you have a light source you can enjoy it. With a digital photo you need electricity, the correct connections between devices, a working storage device, etc. Not futureproof, that's for sure.
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