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Hey guys,

I am yet another person making the switch from PC to Mac. I'm going to buy the 24" iMac as soon as they come preloaded with Leopard.

Now to the point...

I want my new Mac to act as an alarm clock for me. I want it to wake up from sleep mode, play an iTunes playlist, keep the weather widget displayed; then turn off iTunes, and go back to sleep as I leave for work.

Is this a task Automator can handle, or will I need to use iCal with it? I have no hands on experience with any of these applications, and I'm pretty much repeating what I've read online. Thanks in advance for any insight.


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    Doesn't seem too out of reach. I'm not currently aware of any good Automator actions that allow you to wake your machine from sleep. The other actions are very easy to obtain or set up though.
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    Thanks... I can't wait to get my hands on an iMac so I can experiment.
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