Chipped Mac Book

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I drop my mac book awhile ago and the corner of it is chipped i would like to know if someone could tell me where i could get it fixed.

The top plate is chipped, the bit you rest your hands when typing.

I would add pic's but i dont know how LOL

The spec's are 2GHz Core Duo, 2GB 667 DDR2.




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    Well, it depends on how nice you want it to look. If you want to not be able to tell it was ever dropped, you'll need to take it to an Apple shop and have the case replaced. If you're more concerned about the hole and wouldn't mind how it looks, there's some stuff called "epoxy putty". You can get it in a hardware store.

    It comes in several colors but they all work the same - you cut a piece off, twist it together to mix the parts, and then mold it like clay into the bustedness of your laptop.
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    Thanks for the replay

    I think i would get the case replace do you know how much this would cost?
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    If it's under warranty, it depends. An Apple Retail store will likely charge you since it was dropped, The part costs about $89 plus labor. It you have an authorized third-party Apple Specialist nearby, they may be willing to submit a warranty claim for you, and since top cases are disposable parts (i.e., the old part does not go back to Apple), they never really enforce accidental damage.
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    Just found out that i have one near by so ill go see them and see what they say.

    Thanks for the help

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    My daughter banged the case of her Macbook Pro, and made a smal dent in it. When the hard drive went bad (perhaps because of the shock that caused the dent) they refused to fix the hard drive under the warranty. The drive is costs approximately $100, but Apple wanted to charge me $950 to replace the hard drive. I couldn't understand why they were charging me $950 for a $100 part. I asked them to give me an itemized bill -- they refused. I asked the customer service clerk if I could speak to her supervisor. She said that her superivsors don't talk to customers. After quite a bit of arguing, the lowered the price to $610, but they insisted that I send them a postal money order. They would not accept a credit card or check for payment.

    Good luck in dealing with Apple service. In my opinion, they are dishonest and rude. It's a shame. I really like Apple products, but the service sucks.
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