Upgrade to New Airport Extreme..worth it?

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I currently have the last version of Aiport Extreme.....just got a new MacBook Pro...I have obtained download speeds on my RoadRunner acct at up to 7.2 megs....not bad

Is it even worth buying a new Extreme? The biggest concern I have with my MBP is that the airport reception is worse than my 1gig Powebook G4....the new "n" standard is touting better range...and sometimes the unit does move slower due to the reception.

So.....am I better off just staying put or upgrading? I do share a network with a "g" class Windows machine. I was thinking of placing that on the current extreme and letting me use the new "n" class....if its worth the $$ to do so......7+ download is not to shabby already....I can get around 480k upload.




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    The speed of your home wireless network is already much much higher than the bandwidth you will be receiving from your ISP. If range truly is an issue, upgrade or just buy an express to serve as an extension.

    (I don't think you have reason enough to upgrade)
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    Thanks...that is what I was thinking too. Just wanted a second opinion!



    Great user name....my son loves that cartoon!
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    I must be missing something...

    In any event, I am glad I can help.
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    Ah..my age is showing.....

    Wally Gator and Hardy Har Har

    Boomerang Network
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    Actually its Lippy the Lion and Hardy Har Har

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    Make sure it is the Gigabit Ethernet version of Airport Extreme
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    ya, the network speed is way faster that your internet connection, so it won't make any diference unless you are transferring files within your network, like from one computer to another.
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