Anyone having problems with battery life?

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When I first picked up my new iPhone about three weeks ago, I discovered that I got between 5 to 6 hours of battery life out of my phone when i used everything non-stop... from phone calls to text messages to playing videos to listening to music to checking the internet to email. I thought I'd give my phone a good workout to see what the battery life limits were. 5 to 6 hours for all that? That's pretty good, I thought.

When I just used it for phone calls, I only needed to recharge the phone every other night. Hey, that was just like my old phone, and think how much more my new iPhone can do. So, I was quite pleased.

Now, ever since I downloaded the update, I barely get four hours of battery life out of the phone, and I've only been using it to make calls--nothing else. And I'm not on the phone all the time, either... we're talking a five minute call here, a 15 minute call there. That kind of thing. Maybe the occasional text message. But no iPod, no video, no internet, as I'm at home and have my computer to do all that with.

Currently, my phone has less than half battery life left and I've only gotten 2:19 worth of time out of it. I'm thinking of calling Apple and seeking a replacement if things don't improve. Am I being unreasonable? I think that less than four hours of phone-only battery life is completely unacceptable.



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    taskisstaskiss Posts: 1,212member
    I put my phone on the dock every night at just about 40% of the battery drained and thats not changed at all since I got it.

    I'd take mine to be replaced if it was doing what you say yours is.
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