Lookin' for the best Ipod Nano 8Go accessory (Birthday birthday gling gling)

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My brother bought Ipod Nano 8Go last week, and as I like him much (my brother), I would like to offer him something in relation with this new cool Ipod.

I had thought of a cashmere or silk cover but I did not know to find that.

And according to you, which is the best accessory for Ipod Nano 8Go? (URL welcome)



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    Apple Universal Dock for iPod. It will let you watch photos and video on a regular TV screen. You can synch and recharge your iPod (at least if you connect it to your computer or a wall plug), and you receive a remote control for your toy.
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    The best accessory you could add to any iPod are some high quality head/earphones.
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    wjhmhwjhmh Posts: 55member
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    Originally Posted by WJHMH View Post


    lol.. he said "brother"!
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    That's a true IPod gadget, his girlfriend would love it.

    Nevertheless, i'm in hope to found something that can be offered in a familly diner so ... not this time ! But really nice gadget, i will surely buy it for joking with him.

    Anyone have another cool stuff to share ? His birthday is in two weeks now...

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