iChat face masks

in macOS edited January 2014
Hey, whatever happened to that mask feature in iChat that Phil Schiller was demoing.

Where it put up a picture of steve ballmer and left his mouth empty, and phil stepped in and made him talk.

I was looking forward to using that, but I can't find it in iChat anywhere


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    ke^inke^in Posts: 98member
    Your computer probably doesn't support it. Apple doesn't directly tell people that only the most recent computers support these things. You have to really dig in the site in the specifications and such to see.

    Thank God my computer didn't support that transparent menu shading silliness.
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    Are you sure? Is that the issue? Is there some documentation somewhere about this? I can't find any.

    That seems awfully odd. It doesn't seem like a simple mask should be that hard to do. My iChat can do the figure in front of the background thing.
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    I am suspecting they took that out, along with the holographic StarWars effect.
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    well that just sucks
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    here is the video with that all: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Faa_ireNobs

    The star wars one shouldn't be too hard to recreate, you can probably even improve upon it alot. The demo one just looked like a blue transparency, someone should try adding static and other effects.
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