My music is gone!!!!

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So I bought a 500gb external HDD and Leopard on Friday. Upgrading my iMac and my room mate kills the power to the house for a brief moment. Computer turns off and all my music/stuff is gone. My question is how do I download the songs again from iTunes? My iPhone has music on it, but I need to make a backup on my iMac, thus deleting my music. Any help would be appricated. Thanks


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    Sorry to tell you, but once your music is gone, it's gone. You need to back it up frequently or you could always lose everything.

    But, I'm a little unclear... Do you still have songs in iTunes? If you do, then you still have songs on your computer. If you only have songs on your iPhone, there might be an app out there that will allow a reverse backup.
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    Yes I have just under 3 gb on my iPhone, ill have o find a program. No music in iTunes. I bought the HDD to do the backup thing with TimeMachine. Thanks you
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    you can definitely get you music off your iPhone and back to your mac.

    Here are a couple options:
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    I've heard Apple will give you a one-time "Get out of jail free" card that allows you to re-download all your iTunes files after a catastrophic loss. Read about it here.
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    Well I just sent the thing to Apple. Going to try snoody or some program. Learned my lesson though. Thanks everyone for their help.
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    iTunes will automatically copy any purchased music from an iPod to your music library if you have a recent version of the program...
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    How do you "accidentally" format your hard drive?
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    Originally Posted by MissKitty View Post

    How do you "accidentally" format your hard drive?

    I dont know, its not like I wanted to. Power was cut and it was half way though an upgrade, turned it back on and it did nothing. Thanks for your advice
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    I think he was talking to tonton. You should probably kill your roommate.
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