Just sent a feedback to the .mac Team

in Mac Software edited January 2014
Just sent this note to the .mac team. What do you think of this idea?

[quote]Hey .Mac team,

I would like to give you my ideas on how .mac's BackUp feature could be improved immensely. I happen to work as technician at an MVS-Os390/Jes2 installation where data security is highest upon our list of priorities. Here's my idea as how .Mac backup could be improved.

Total Backup of all or selected disks. This Backup could be taken once a week/ month or a year depending on the computer usage and stored on CD or DVD media. Between those huge backups you could take incremental backups of files updated from your last 'Total Backup'. This should be backed up to your iDisk on user defined intervals.

Os X has rather complicated structure, something that makes it more difficult to 'fix' if something happens compared to it's predecessor, Os9. I just recently had a program crashed during installation and I was forced to reinstall all the original SW and lost lots of data as a result.

With the feature I'm suggesting here I could have (after reinstalling Os X only if it's not technically possible to make the restore CD as bootable CD) restored my computer status to last incremental backup, eliminating loss off data and system changes.

As I said, BackUp intervals could be user defined or they could also be pre defined by Apple, depending on professional/ educational or home use. This way, almost every novice could restore his Mac to healthy status with only minimal loss of data. <hr></blockquote>


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