Is this memory ok for G4?

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im lookin to max out my memory.......i have a DP 1 GHz Quicksilver G4

is this RAM ok? it seems to be fine...168-pin unbuffered non ECC non parity. i checked the memory in my comp and its hynix

what im confused about though is on the site it says this:


Voltage \t2.5V

Size & Bit \t64X4,16C





3.3 Volt Module

im pretty sure i need 3.3v for compatibility with my G4


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    Damn, that's a good price. I sent that websites tech support an email asking about voltage and Apple compatibility (like they'd know).

    At that price I would max out my Sawtooth too..
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    did you get a response yet?

    i wanna jump on this before they raise the price...41 bucks for a gig doesnt sound too bad
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    Yeah they emailed me back asking what model PowerMac I had. I'll let you know as soon as I hear back again. My guess is that is should work fine...
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    im gonna order it this weekend. price keeps droppin so i might wait

    the website changes their price every 10 seconds...its annoyin right now i got it in my cart for 18.19 x 2=36.38 for 1GB. think this is the best deal i can get?

    wish i could get DDR RAM, they got it on this site for super cheap. any MDD G4 or G5 owners go here to load up on RAM!
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