Premiere to FCP...

in Mac Software edited January 2014
hey folks,

i need some help... well specific help... well i need technical help...

i am working with a crew of guys in school to re-make a 10-minute play into a film. we have already shot all the footage and now have to edit. my editor is not a Mac-fearing fellow, but has a decent setup for his PC @ home. as the director, i want to be able to work on the project with him and even on my own. so when he is done is there any way for him to save the Adobe Premiere project(he has CS3) onto an external drive and then import it onto either my laptop or another Mac and then into Final Cut Pro(six of course)??? I am in no was Adobe savvy and don't intend on ever being that way... i mean i can do basic stuff on it, but nothing like what i can do with FCP and the new suite....

anyone know how i can have the whole timeline of his project imported into Final Cut???

please, any help would be great




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