Visa iTunes Reward Card Not Enough!

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Apple is linking to a Juniper issued Visa iTunes Reward Card.

This is NOT good enough. Please, Steve Jobs will you issue an Apple branded Visa Reward Card that looks Apple-esque and earns credit toward ALL Apple Store products. Enhance the appearance of our plastic in a way we know only Apple can do. Why share logos with a nondescript bank. Stop pussy footing around. PLEASE!


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    chuckerchucker Posts: 5,089member
    Yes! People want to be ripped off even more! I can't wait!
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    after you put $2500. on a visa at 13% you get a $25 itundes gift card. Is this a Joke?
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    a_greera_greer Posts: 4,594member
    Originally Posted by AquaMac

    after you put $2500. on a visa at 13% you get a $25 itundes gift card. Is this a Joke?

    I like these cards for big purchases like computers, TVs and, pay and after 8-10 big-ish purchases, you get a freebee with no interest paid.

    A credit card, and any form of credit for that matter is a tool, like a hammer or a saw; in the right hands it can build a beautiful thing, in the wrong hands it can destroy a beautiful thing

    **Big is a subjective, my definition is anythiong over ~$100
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    The entire purpose of the card is to get you to sign up to pay for your immediate online purchase. They don't just want you to apply for the card. I suppose if you were in the market for a mac purchase it might make sense.

    It's not a great reward program, but it doesn't appear that there's an annual fee. As for the interest rate, anyone who's carrying a balance on anything but a 0% balance transfer is nuts! Why anyone would use a credit card to finance anything has always been beyond me. You can usually borrow money for less from the mafia.

    Apple is basically offering a 90 day no interest loan that comes with a piece of plastic hoping you'll continue to rack up debt.
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    Just heard from Juniper VISA my application was denied. The joke is I have over $24K in Apple stock . . . .I think Apple's plastic is FUBAR!

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