Updated to 10.4.11 and Safari 3.0.4 - Now no Flash

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Hi there, I was wondering if anyone has had similar problems.

I updated the other day to 10.4.11 and Safari 3.0.4, and all of the sudden all Flash animations are gone in Safari. It doesn't show up as broken, or "plugin doesn't exist", there's just a big blank space where the Flash object should be. No border, nothing. It takes up the same space as the Flash movie should, but there's nothing there.

I've tried deleting anything in the "Internet Plugins" folders regarding Flash, both in /Library and ~/Library and reinstalled, and no dice.

Flash works fine in Firefox and Camino.

Any tips, anyone? Thanks in advance!



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    After some browsing, it turns out the problem is with Quicktime and nt the Flash plugin. The solution is to delete com.apple.Safari.plist from ~/Library/Preferences.

    In case anyone has the same problem.
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    I really don't understand why QuickTime supports Flash play in the browser. It causes nothing but problems when it's enabled.
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    ajayajay Posts: 117member
    (message deleted)

    had a problem with accessing a website on safari. problem was with the site, not safari!
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