Images in preview soft/fuzzy

in macOS edited January 2014
I've always wondered why the hell images are soft when viewed in Preview. If you make the picture actual size then it's exactly the way it should be, but if you are zoomed out then Preview kind of blurs it. WHY!!?! it's completely useless. Is there maybe a way to fix this? I'm thinking no since it's probably a "feature".


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    Whenever a photo is viewed at a non-100% size, it has to be interpolated. The usual result of interpolation is to lose some of the sharpness of the photo. I'm not sure which interpolation method preview uses but some are better/more processor intensive than others.

    You perceive sharpness as a high contrast border. When the algorithm downsizes a photo, it has to throw away information and there is a certain amount of pixel color averaging involved that reduces the contrast of borders.
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    __mo__mo Posts: 32member
    the spacebar preview is better than the preview preview. what is that all about, i am not a fan of the updated preview, it doesn't seem to get the basics right.
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    Ok, I can understand that. But then how come when I look at a downsized photo in windows or in most programs on the mac like photoshop it look better than at 100%. I mean, if almost all programs can downsize an image and make it look sharp then how come preview can't? It just doesn't make sense to me.
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