The new iChat, Chax, Tabs?

in Mac Software edited January 2014
I was wondering if there was some keyboard shortcut I was overlooking that allows you to switch between tabs in Leopard's new iChat? I used Chax in the past, but as of a week ago, there was no update for Leopard. I want to have keystroke switching! Help!


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    Okay, so there's the new chax that was released, but is there any way to switch between conversations using some keyboard shortcut?
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    } or { will toggle tabs.
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    Originally Posted by bobmarksdale View Post

    } or { will toggle tabs.

    Well that's simple enough... Thanks!

    Off topic, how did you type that apple symbol? I know how to get ⌘ but not the apple... *jealous twinkle in his eye*
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    Never mind :-)

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