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I have some pc games, and I want to make back-ups of them becuase I dont own a PC anymore, but I am planning on buying one later one. I need some mac software to copy these cd's I would imagine there's copy protection on them. Does anyone have any idea's.



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    I would assume Toast Titanium would have a Copy CD function... if not you could just use disc copy in the utilities folder use the function "new image from device" when you insert the CD in your drive... that should create an image of the CD you want to copy...
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    Yeah, Dick Copy works. Just choose File?New?Image from Device, then go to File?Burn Image.
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    Will it read the copy protection right? Becuase Diabloe 2 has protection
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    Probably not. It works on some protected CDs but chokes on other protected CDs.

    Uh, that's why they're protected: so you can't copy them. If you read your licenses, you'll probably find that from these protected CDs you are by law not allowed to create duplicates for backup purposes.

    Just keep the CDs in their original jewels or sleeves and they will be fine until you get your new computer. They aren't gong to spontaneously become scratched unless you're using them for frisbees or coasters.

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