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Actually, I've installed bootcamp onto my iMac Tiger with no issues. When I put on the Windows XP OS; again no issues until I get to the display. The display is all weird. Hard to explain. It's like not the right size. I go to Control Panel; Display; and there's no options for using my other monitor (duel monitor with DVI). Any suggestions?



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    Since you are using Tiger BootCamp, did you install the "Mac BootCamp Drivers" cd?
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    Download and install the catalyst drivers (if ati) for your graphics card (google it) - unless of course you haven't installed the Mac drivers like nvidia said. If it's not an ATI card I'm not sure but look around for whatever drivers you might need (shouldn't be mac compatible).

    I had some serious display issues with my x1900 XT until I did that.
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    Originally Posted by nvidia2008 View Post

    Since you are using Tiger BootCamp, did you install the "Mac BootCamp Drivers" cd?

    Duh! I forgot all about the drivers. Thanks guys. Now to find that CD that I burned ages ago. There was a link to do the drivers without the CD, but when I followed the directions the img was out of date. Apparently, the beta version has a time limit to it. I can imagine they want you to by Leopard. Admittedly, it was kind of them to have the beta version available and perhaps I'm dying to get the Leopard, but if I find that CD, I'll stick to the old beta for a bit longer.

    Thanks again for the help.
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    You can always open Boot Camp Assistant and burn a new copy of the drivers if you have a spare CD.

    When you put in the CD for Windows make sure you find it and run the install or whatever. It won't automatically load.
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