tiger using so much bandwidth, help

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okay, i just got high speed internet with tiger its taking up so much bandwidth, just browsing i use 10 times more bandwidth than my bros leopard laptop, i have used 40 mb doing less surfing and he has used like 6 mb, it says its taking me 200k or more per webpage wich is impossible because then the page would have never loaded on dial up, so the programs are istat pro and surplusmeter, istat pro isnt saying near as bad as surpluss but still way to much!


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    elronelron Posts: 126member
    200k per webpage is definitely not out of the realm of possibility. Are you and your brother looking at the same web sites or did you just do 5 minutes of browsing apiece before you compared? Are you doing anything else? Like streaming iTunes from another computer?

    Is your brother is loading pages that he frequently visits? If so, he could be getting a fair number of cache hits, which would reduce the number of files his browser has to download.

    I've never used either of the programs you mentioned. Do they just tally the number of bits received by a particular network interface? Do they break it down by application? It's a little hard to diagnose any kind of problem based on the information you've given, but I really wouldn't worry about it.
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