Converting AVI to MP4

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I am trying to convert AVI to MP4 and I always seem to run into problems. I use MPEG streamclip and sometime i get an error after converting saying that file cannot be played, not a movie file. thought when i play it in AVI format it works fine. Also another problem I have is the sound doesnt work sometime in the MP4 format but it does in the AVI format. Any thoughts on converters that I can buy that possibly work faster????

Thanks in advance.


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    QuickTime (pro) does that just fine for me.

    Download the "flip 4 mac" and the "divx" plugins for QT and there are very few formats you won't be able to play and transcode.
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    isquint works very well and is free
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    Originally Posted by Bonsai1214 View Post

    isquint works very well and is free

    I haven't used it personally, but I've heard good things about this program too. What exactly are you trying to convert the file for? Is it for an iPod or something of that sort?
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