Net stats place Mac user share at 7.3 percent in December



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    Originally Posted by basquino View Post

    "not get stupid here." Huh. Let's see: Cmd-Period (i.e. Prefs -> General -> Open links in a new tab. Ok, done there. Checked Command-click opens a link in a new tab. Ok, done there. So, what does Firefox offer here that I'm missing?

    Window menu -> Merge all windows. Ok, got that, too, if I have separate windows to converge.

    Call me a luddite, but I'm missing what you're missing w/ contextual menus and command-clicking a url.


    Welcome to AI, basquino.

    What he is saying is that he can set the preferences to auto-open all links in a tab instead of having to use a plug-in like Saft or some other gesture to make it happen. The Preferences item ou mention is only for other applications that allow hyper=links (l.e.: iChat, TextEdit, Stickes).

    This isn't a big deal for me, but I guess I see how it might bother some people. If I get too many open Safari windows I use the Merge All Windows option, like you said. I do wish that it wouldn't merge any windows that I have minimized, but it's not something that really bothers me.
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    I checked the Google Analytics on a site that I started (but sold last year). It gets about 20,000,000 page views per month with about 330,000 absolute unique visitors. It's a pretty small sample size, but I thought it might be interesting to see the daily stats on OS visits.

    You can see the results here
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    Originally Posted by teckstud View Post

    Sorry - if the iPhone OS is being factored into the equation then the analysis is flawed. Is the iTouch included and well as anything else that uses web browsing? The prior analysis did not include iPhones so the "jump" is skewed. Are all cellphones included? This is the kind of "analysis" that Sony has been reporting on for years.

    The iTouch is factored in with its own category called "iPod". It's at 0.02%.
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