Warcraft III advice - possible spoiler!!

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I've made it to Twilight of the Gods level.

You don't have to say if this is the last level but is there any advise? 45 min is tough to hold the Legion back. I've tried to send all troops down to hold them but... it doesn't work.

It's strange, I have had NO problem getting to this level, I think I've died maybe twice the entire game.


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    I'm stuck on that one too, not so much due to my skill...more so, my sub-par computer(iMac DVSE 500) it lags so much on that stage that I can't even really play it.

    I got to about 2 minutes remaining when my last few troops and defenders fell

    its a tough stage...I bulk up the defenses of the first base as much as you can, as fast as you can, particularly to fend off their gargoyles and crypt fiends, keep up with your heros and make sure to use their abilities as much as possible(to take out tougher guys)...don't be afraid to build your own protectors in the human base(or orc base at that) the key to those types of stages(or at least what has always worked for me) press their offense with an offensive defense, don't try and take their base on, but don't just sit around waiting for their attacks either.

    hope this helps

    I gave up playing WC3 due to my crummy old system. Its a really fun game though, I wouldn't mind playing some maps right now(if I could )

    I don't know if its the last stage either, I never bothered to look it up, and none of my friends ever made it that far(believe it or not)
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    Actually I beat it last nite.

    Best ending credits I've seen in awhile

    I took some advice from the Gamefaqs site.

    I had about 9 secs left as I saw the demon approaching the summit. I just barely held him back.

    Now to try it on hard!
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    Time to get the Warcraft III box set for £40 Not bad, considering a few shops are still selling the plain game for £30.

    Edit: not bad

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