HD Capture Device for iMac?

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Hello all.

I was wondering if anyone knew of a high definition capture device, accepting either an HDMI or component cable, that works with the iMac (so, using USB 2.0 or Firewire)?

Thanks for any pointers!


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    What exactly do you wish to capture? If it's TV, the elgato eyetv hybrid works really well.

    Do you have a Intel Machine or a very late G5? those are the only ones that can handle HD at all.

    Here's a start:

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    I have a current generation Intel iMac. I'm wanting the source to be independant -- might be TV today, might be something else tomorrow.

    Thanks for the link -- it looks like that might be the solution. What software would I use for the Mac in order to capture the video (the web page seems to indicate the included software is Windows only)?
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    oh shoot, sorry about the software.... If the Mac can see it, then iMovie or Final cut express or QT pro should capture video from it.

    Canopus: forgot these guys! They are mac compatible and works with Final Cut Exp/Pro, used it in college. Not very cheap but see if they have what you want:


    Not much in the consumer market yet, not a lot of demand I don't think. Also, been such a PITA over content and copyrights holds alot of this kind of stuff up.
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