What would make you reach for your wallet?



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    kickahakickaha Posts: 8,760member
    Originally Posted by dancm2000 View Post

    Apple TV with built in digital tuner and DVR. The only reason I pay for cable is the dvr box. I live in the middle of a city where I get great HD reception and would have no problem being limited to free network tv only. Cable runs me over $800 a year. I'd easily pay half of that on a Apple TV 2.0 that enabled me to drop those suckers.

    If that's the case, why not get an ElGato box? HD digital in off of your antennae, acts as a DVR.
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    Definitely a touch capable ultra-portable computer with decent handwriting recognition and a stylus interface!

    When I'm in the run, I use my computer pretty casually (check email, word docs, web, basic photo and video). i don't really do any heavy work with it and I always feel like I carry too much whenever take my powerbooks on the road. Sometimes I think the Iphone could be enough but not quite...

    A touch screen might be "overkill" to some but for an ultra-portable but i think multi-touch is a great idea because it adds to the functionality and ease of use, plus it adds to the cool and fun factors "

    In the end it's the NAS features that will make an otherwise "emaciated" powerbook useful since we probably won't see either optical or hard drives, but let's see what apple comes up with.

    A tablet with a touch screen or the rumored portable with a touch screen (-s); Maybe dock-able(for a larger larger screen and storage) and or wirelessly attached to a network, with os enhancements for easy access to NA data even when away from home. (this rumor intrigues me) That would be pretty smooth!
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    mjteixmjteix Posts: 563member
    Originally Posted by BenRoethig View Post

    Core 2 Duo Mac Pro and a 20" iSight/ Front row display for $350-399

    Quad-core xMac, $1299-1799, standard features.

    Cheaper Apple displays 20/24", $399-699

    7-10" tablet (wifi+BT) with iTunes, Safari, Mail + QuickLook + some iLife/iWork apps even if in "lite" versions, $699-999

    AirPort Extreme+Apple TV+NAS (dual 3.5" HDD) combo, $999 (1TB)
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    1) AppleTV with higher quality, WIDESCREEN content. I'm not talking 1080P here, maybe just 540P+ with higher bitrates that isn't designed for viewing on a 3in x 2in screen. If AppleTV is designed be used on widescreen televisions, the least they can do is provide us video that fits the shape of our TV correctly! I live in the city and have been receiving local HD channels using an antenna for the last three years. The only TV shows I miss that I would actually pay for are the Daily Show and the Colbert Report, and I think with all of the video podcasts and movie rentals the AppleTV would be a nice addition to the home. (We rent maybe 1 movie per month right now, too much trouble to run to the video store.) That is, provided the quality of the video no longer looks like the 7th Guest or some Quicktime 3 demo from the mid-nineties.

    2) iPhone nano. Definitely not in the cards this year, but I'd probably jump over an iPhone that is more "music phone" and less "internet appliance". I'm near a computer all day-- I have no need for a built in browser and even less need to pay for an overpriced data plan. iCal, Address Book, and Music (A2DP) that integrates with my computer is about all I'd ever need. And I'd like it to fit in my front pocket easily, without the need for a carrying case or a man purse or whatever. Think of it like the shitty ROKR phone except it actually wouldn't suck. I'd be all over that.
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    eckingecking Posts: 1,588member
    $600 eee pc-like mac.

    and I gotta say it....an xMac.

    But who the hell I am I kidding probably anything tomorrow will make me reach for my wallet if it's good.
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    macroninmacronin Posts: 1,174member
    MacBook touch w/keyboard docking station…

    AppleTV/Blue-Ray/DVR/Mac mini/AirPort Extreme Base Station/NAS combo home/entertainment server…

    The MB touch controls the server via a streamlined version of Apple Remote Desktop!
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    Originally Posted by kenaustus View Post

    It's easy to talk about what Apple could release that would excite you, but what new products would actually get you reaching for your wallet within the week?

    iPhone on T-mobile.
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    $4.99 720p movie rentals for the current Apple TV with 5.1 surround sound.

    Originally Posted by SpamSandwich View Post

    iPhone on T-mobile.

    That too. I'm stuck in a T-Mobile contract until June.
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    Macbook pro with some good graphics and new design, the current ones have some heat issues.
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    sc_marktsc_markt Posts: 1,397member
    Originally Posted by gmoney_2010 View Post

    I am waiting for a Mini replacement!!! been waiting for it for MONTHS!!!!!!!!!

    I gave up on a mini and ended up buying a MBP. In my opinion, the mini needs a real graphics card. In fact, I wish Apple gave us options for different video cards for the mini.

    I'd also like to see new LCD's with higher resolution (smaller pixels) and faster refresh times.
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    really, i just want a new isight to work with my 30" ACD.

    bought it last september. i want it to involve front row, since my beast tower and beast screen are running leopard, but i can't access it with a remote.

    i would buy a new isight ASAP
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    A Digital Lifestyle is esentially 'Your Content Anywhere" I think the 'something in the air' refers to both broadcasting (content) and maybe WiFi (a means).

    A thin sub notebook isn't revolutionary, for me it would be like the Cube, interesting to look at but 'so what'. (If Steve Jobs introduced a MacBook Touch (12-15 inch screen with multi touch), that would be revolutionary but i think it is a little early for that maybe 09).

    This year, as far as hardware goes, a much improved Apple TV is what is missing. The iPhone bought the internet to the pocket, they need to bring the internet to the living room. This requires the Apple TV to be a full-scale Mac, plus PVR/Tivo capabilities.

    All your content (songs/podcasts/tv shows/movies) anywhere (Phones/computers/living room). This would be a compelling reason to becoming an all Apple household.

    No ease feat but apple is in a unique posistion to make this happen with hardware/client software/ and internet services.
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    idaveidave Posts: 1,283member
    I'd buy a new MacBook lite, if it's as cool on the lap as the old G3 iBook. I doubt it will be though. It'll be too thin to be cool.

    And I'd buy a mid-range headless Mac; maybe two.
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    Originally Posted by iDave View Post

    I'd buy a new MacBook lite, if it's as cool on the lap as the old G3 iBook. I doubt it will be though. It'll be too thin to be cool.

    If it's anything like my 17" MacBook Pro, the insides will get so hot that the battery will cook itself to death (twice), the keyboard will grow scorch marks around the edges eventually leading to paint peal, and the trackpad will constantly feel like rubbing your fingers against a hot abrasive nail file. I swear I can feel the metal fibers evaporating into the pores of my fingers every time I touch the surface. It's such a joy to use!
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    idaveidave Posts: 1,283member
    Originally Posted by Cory Bauer View Post

    If it's anything like my 17" MacBook Pro, the insides will get so hot that the battery will cook itself to death (twice), the keyboard will grow scorch marks around the edges...

    Sorry to hear about that. It's too bad speed takes all of the priority in laptops when cooling should be just as important.

    I hope new low-power processors and elimination of hard drives will enable us to actually use laptops on our laps again, someday. I have to use my MacBook on a tray to protect my legs. Looks really stylish.
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    Originally Posted by Kickaha View Post

    If that's the case, why not get an ElGato box? HD digital in off of your antennae, acts as a DVR.

    I have a MacBook and don't want to have to keep it wired, and fixed in place, to a coaxial cable. Plus, I don't want that hard drive being used for my DVR'd shows. I didn't buy a laptop just to keep it connected to wires all the time.
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    tony1tony1 Posts: 259member
    iPhone on Verizon
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    why does everyone complain so much about the mini and the Apple TV? I've been using either a mac mini or an Apple tv for almost 2 years now to serve up my music and Video and they work great! Both display 720p content (that's HD for those that can't be bothered to read). I preview my edits on an apple TV at 720P all the time, and Lost has switched over to 16:9 already.1080P is a ways off I think because of the extra bandwidth, but that's just my opinion. It's a content provider decision whether or not to deliver in 16:9 and Apple hasn't started to deliver in 720p yet but they will (just like they decided to deliver at 640 after a year at 320. The Apple TV already supports 720P and it works very well. Read he specs guys, they don't need a new "HD Apple TV" ! It's already here... and why are others asking for better GFX, Displays and Higher rez? Higher rez than what, HD? The current scheme is adequate, it may need and probably will get refinement but all we really need now is HD content and that is up to the lawyers and the studios...
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    shanmugamshanmugam Posts: 1,200member
    Originally Posted by Tony1 View Post

    iPhone on Verizon

    iPhone with Freedom (no contract add $120 to $200 and make it unlocked; if there is a option in Europe why not in US?)
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    rnprnp Posts: 11member
    I am ready to purchase a Mac mini (college budget), so if they come out with an upgrade at around the same price I would feel like I am getting more bang for the buck. Nothing sucks more than buying a computer just before it gets updated, or else I would have probably bought one already. If they could come out with a headless Mac with similar specs to the iMac in the lineup with a lower price (due to no monitor/keyboard/mouse) that would be just perfect. Right now I am using the last iBook 12" to come out and it is starting to show its age a bit despite still being excellent for classes, but now I need a desktop solution as my main computer.
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