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I currently use a 12" powerbook laptop which is about 4 years old. When i looked at webpages I never use to maximize the Safari window, instead, opting to just use a slightly narrower window so that I could see some items on the desktop. Whenever I visited the Apple website I would, however, maximise it because the site always fitted perfectly on to a 12" screen (I guess because they made it fit their smallest screen size by default). However, with the introduction of the MacBook, whenever i went to the apple site i always got annoyed because my screen was too small to view the page (i always figured the page was designed to perfectly fit on to the MacBook's screen size which was slightly bigger than mine).

Now then, i went to the apple site this morning and the "There's something in the air banner" fit perfectly in my screen size. For the first time in ages, i didn't have to scroll across to see the full screen on the Apple homepage. Infact, i just checked it again, and I can even see the full page when my window is narrower. I suspect that this might be an indication to the new screen size that Apple will introduce this afternoon.


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    I do hope so, but I'm afraid it won't happen
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    buckbuck Posts: 293member
    Nice find!
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    This is soo sad!
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    Interesting.... we shell see in less than 2 hours =]
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    imiloaimiloa Posts: 187member
    Interesting, indeed. It's a subtle detail, but exactly the kind of details the Apple does pay attention to. We'll know within two hours...
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    smeesmee Posts: 195member
    Thats a nice find man!! I sure hope your right, I wanna buy a new laptop next year and hope I can get one of these small ones
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